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Must Watch- Adewole Ademolake gives speech to new RICS surveyors at Welcome to The Profession Ceremony

Adewole Ademolake gives speech to newly qualified surveyors at the Welcome to The Profession Ceremony. He shares is experience over the past 20 years in 20 minutes with the view to inspire listeners and show that it not always about how good you start but what matters the most is that you keep going no matter what.

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Relatable Role Models in London Property Development

Adewole Ademolake, Director at A’lake speaks to young leaders at his previous primary and secondary school in East London. He takes a drive down memory lane through his old home (Forest Gate) with the view to encourage the next generation to break the ceiling and aspire to achieve much more and at an earlier age.

It is important that we give back to the communities that we were raised in as it serves to encourage the next generation to do the same. At A’lake we stand on adding value to people and places.

Speaking At School

We are always happy to come and speak to the young learners of tomorrow. We use the term leaders because the younger generation may not see it but we see greatness in them all.

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A’lake on 1:100 Podcast. Do we need Architects ?

Adewole Ademolake (A’lake) was interviewed on 1:100 podcast where the collective discussed the Property Developers relationship with Architects. We explore whether we need Architects.

A’lake are open to conversations on how we can all work better together. We feel that understanding every perspective breeds respect and appreciation.

If you want to work with us and you are an Architect, then please get in touch by clicking here

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The LCN Legal Interview: Adewole Ademolake

Adewole Ademolake our Founder and Managing Director was interviewed by LCN Legal on his journey to date. The wrong way may be the right way in hindsight so we must all ensure that we trust our journey and keep going no matter what. Please have a read to see what our Founder and Managing Director…

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What is a Property Development Manager ?

A short article on what a Property Development is and why you should work with them on all of your development projects.

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Adewole Ademolake Speaking to Students at the University of Greenwich

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Adewole Ademolake discusses managing £600m of Development projects with Property By Kazy

Adewole Ademolake was Interviewed by Property By Kazy where he discussed the importance of a nine to five in a world that idolises entrepreneurship and why due diligence on building contractors is important.

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Adewole Ademolake MRICS discusses his property development journey to date

Adewole Ademolake previously worked for Be-First which is the largest Local Authority builder in London (correct as of May 2022). Adewole worked on large regeneration projects at Be-First and gives his views on where the opportunities lie in the market moving forward.

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Adewole Ademolake & Panel Members discuss the Crucial Role of Local Authorities in Addressing the Housing Crisis

This webinar was delivered by David Ayre, Jayne Owen and Adewole Ademolake MRICS. It covered the history of the housing crisis in the UK and how local authorities must work together to address the crisis and deliver on housebuilding targets. Also featured is a Q and A on the impact of COVID on housing.

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