Procurement is fancy work for the process undertaken to purchase goods or services. At A’lake we are aware of how daunting the it is for clients to manage their busy portfolios whilst trying to engage various professionals and procure goods. We are here to help establish a procurement strategy that will set your project up for success.

A’lake is able to manage the tendering of consultants to ensure that our clients get best value and not always run towards the least expensive price. In our experience, pricing, quality and social value should be assessed in order to find the right type of consultants to grow your business with.

We are well connected with property development professionals, builders, solicitors, agents and many more. This means, whatever you need to push your project forward we are able to get you what and who is needed to get you to where you need to be.

For developers needing to find ways to reduce build costs, negotiate with existing suppliers and find new ways for your commercial teams get the best out of your supply chain, A’lake is here to help.

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