Acquisition, Disposal and Partnerships

Whether you are a private developer seeking to find a public sector body to purchase your homes or an affordable housing provider seeking to purchase s106 homes, Alake can help you. We have an extensive network in both the public and private sectors and can help you dispose or acquire homes.

A’lake have an acquired skill in analysing development opportunities from a buyers and sellers perspective. We seek to determine the best exit to suit our clients. Having been heavily involved in most segments of the property development market, we are able to consider things from all angles to ensure that your objectives.

We are able to help with the follow:

  • Purchase and disposal of land.
  • Formulate a disposal strategy to achieve maximum value.
  • Disposal of affordable homes to registered providers on behalf of private developers/ house builders.
  • Acquisition of affordable homes on behalf of registered providers and local authorities.
  • Establish partnership arrangements between private and public entities.
  • Identify development opportunities.
  • Strategic advice on how public and private can work together to achieve their collective aims.

A’lake are here to help when you need us.

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